Install a new Version

  • First download the latest version of the plugin.
  • Unzip the archive in your eclipse plugin directory. You should have now a directory structure like: <<eclipse.home>>/plugins/
  • Start Eclipse
  • You can now add the Tomcat Manager view to any perspective you like by opening the view under Window->Show View->Other..->Tomcat->Tomcat Manager
  • You should see now the Tomcat manager view, start adding your servers by right clicking in the empty manager view.

Installing over an existing version.

You can just copy the new version into the plugin directory. Due to the version number after the plugin name Eclipse should always use the newest version. It is up to you if you delete the old version.

Preparing The Tomcat Manager Application

You must ensure that the manager application is running inside your Tomcat installation. The manager is available in all 4.0 and greater versions of Tomcat.

It is also necessary to hava a user in the manager group of your Tomcat user configuration. You must provide this users name and password in the server dialog of this plugin to gain access to the Tomcat manager application.

For more informations about the manager, please check the Tomcat documentation: